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SideTakers With Megan and Jose!

Time for SideTakers! You HAVE TO pick a side.. you can't try to solve it! WHO DO YOU SIDE WITH? Jose OR Megan!? Here's what's going on...

Megan and Jose's mom don't really get along. She always questions everything about their house, her cooking even the way she is handling her pregnancy. 

Jose's mom lives in Panama City in the panhandle. She mentioned to Jose that she wants to sale her house there and buy a condo in Orlando so that she could help with the baby. She wouldn't charge them, and she would be close to her first and only grandchild. (Jose's father is no longer with us. He died 3 years ago) Jose really doesn't like that his mom is so far away by herself.(she isn't really by herself, She has friends and some family there)

Megan doesn't think it's a good idea because his mom would be there every day. Jose doesn't think it's a bad idea because they wouldn't have to pay for childcare. Which is about $1100 a month for a newborn. Both Megan and Jose work and Megan wouldn't be a ​stay-at-home Mom. Even though they have budgeted for child care, this is money that they could just save to buy a bigger house one day.

Megan feels that her mother-in-law would become overly protective and territorial when it comes to HER baby. She would question everything she would do as a mother. Megan just doesn't want to deal with this type of stress after giving birth. 


Side with Jose and his mom sells her house and moves to Orlando..

Side with Megan and Jose's mom would stay in Panama City and continue her life there.

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