It's National Safe Boating Week In The Nation's Boating Capital- Florida

National Safe Boating Week begins Saturday and runs through next Friday. Florida is the nation's boating capital with over a million registered vessels- the most of any state. Brian Rehwinkle with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says

"In Florida we have in many places a year-round boating season so what Safe Boating Week means to us is it's a good opportunity to take stock of your equipment," Rehwinkle says, "and your operation on the water."

Rehwinkle says think about taking a boating safety course. Always wear a life jacket, never operate your vessel impaired and pay attention to what's going on around you.

"Put your energy into operating the boat and that's 360 degree awareness. That's what might be approaching you from behind- any of those things. Just make sure you're paying attention."

According to FWC boating accident statistics, over half of all reportable boating accidents in 2021 were due to collisions, with 45% of those collisions attributed to operator inattention or improper lookout.

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