Ashanti shares how she got COVID-19

Ashanti has had a busy couple of weeks- between getting CoVID-19 and having to postpone her Verzuz battle with Keyshia Cole, to promoting her Christmas movie, "A Christmas Winter Song." So how has she been dealing with it? With grace, as you'll hear in this conversation with her. Is your first question the same as mine when people test positive? Is it "how did you get it?"

"I've been super safe. I wore my mask every day, I sanitized.. I stayed in the house. I ended up getting it from a family member in my own home," she says. [Which a lot of studies say is the cause of 70% of cases.] "Unfortunately now, I have these thermometers, when you come to my house your temperature is getting taken. I have this pulse thing to put on your finger.. all of that is going down for anyone who comes in my house from now on."

So what about that Verzuz battle that's now postponed to January? Is she nervous? Ready to talk smack? Nope. It's all love and women empowerment.

"It's about celebrating music and being able to play #1 records, and sharing that moment and celebrating the culture."

Now we just need to get Ja Rule on a battle like he's been taunting 50 Cent about. Can we also get a Ja Rule + Ashanti Christmas movie? Of course IIIIII knew it was a brilliant idea when I presented it to her, but I was MORE THAN PLEASED with her reaction. She laughed, went through the ideas and possibilities in her head, and said she'd be texting him about it later in the day. As my friend Marcus said [since I can't take the credit for this brilliant idea], 2021 will bring us "A Murder Inc Christmas" to Lifetime. Seems pretty on brand to me.

Only thing they'll have to figure out: Who is executive producing. Ashanti says that'll be a battle in itself.

Take a listen to the very fun conversation also covering her movie "A Christmas Winter Song" about connecting with a homeless jazz musician during the holidays, and how she got into the Christmas movie world.