Elizabethany shares her first engagement photos!

It's time to share some of my engagement photos! I've shared some of the behind the scenes before, but now I wanted to post the first batch, and the reason why we decided to take some Fireball shots for professional photos.

The story: Our first kiss! It was wildly romantic. We were in a dirty bar with all of my former gymnastics teammates, black out drunk.. but I guess with-it enough to know he wanted to kiss me. [Honestly, maybe he even straight up went for it and I denied him..?] I told him I'd kiss him if he took a shot with me. No one wants someone else who's more sober than they are. He needed shots too. So, we took a shot of Fireball, kissed, and suddenly my whole team was yelling "TEAM JB"... for the rest of my life.

Enjoy our shot-faces that are sure to be framed all over our families' houses for decades to come. [Or... just framed on Instagram because that's half the reason I took these, right?]

There's also a story with our photographer, Mike! I met him when I was stalking The Real World:DC. [Yes... I lived in DC and followed the cast around as they filmed, and somehow that's how I got my first job in radio.] Mike was on the production crew who was supposed to hate me, but I guess he secretly knew we should just be friends instead.

Also, check out my wedding planning podcast! Myself and two coworkers are talking about every little thing that you have to think about, plan, prepare for, ask about... and things you hope doesn't happen to you even though they happened to real people!

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