Paris Hilton Made A Tough Decision To Protect Newborn Daughter's Privacy

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Paris Hilton recently confronted a challenging dilemma in a sneak peek from season 2 of Paris In Love, shared on her Instagram.

As she and husband Carter Reum were anticipating the arrival of their second child, daughter London, Paris grappled with the decision of whether to alter her approach regarding privacy from the first time she had a child.

Expressing concern about external opinions, Paris shares, "I'm always worried about what people say, and I don't like that energy."

In a confessional moment, she reflected on the completeness that son Phoenix brought to her life but anticipated an even fuller experience with the arrival of her daughter, London.

The socialite is also conflicted about overly involving her mother, Kathy Hilton, in the journey this time.

Despite Kathy's emotional response to the surprise arrival of Phoenix, Paris hesitated revealing the news in a similar open manner due to the desire for privacy.

Recounting her dilemma to Reum, she explained, "I want to tell my mom because I feel like it's really going to hurt her feelings if I don't tell her."

Paris weighed the pros and cons, acknowledging the joy her mother would experience and the practical assistance in planning for the new baby. Yet, she grappled with the contrast between the quiet arrival of Phoenix and the potential intrusion into their private world with the second child.

The decision, she admitted, was a challenging one, torn between trust and the desire for an uninterrupted experience.

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