How To Be Productive While Working From Home

Are you working from home? We are moving toward doing everything from home and I have to admit I am struggling to stay focused with my dogs and cat running around and knowing I can watch Schitt's Creek on Netflix with just a flick of the remote. I found 20 tips to help me stay focused and hopefully they can help you too.

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1. Maintain Regular Hours

2. Create a Morning Routine

3. Set Ground Rules With the People in Your Space

4. Schedule Breaks

5. Take Breaks in Their Entirety

6. Leave Home

7. Don't Hesitate to Ask for What You Need

8. Keep a Dedicated Office Space

9. Maintain a Separate Phone Number

10. Use a VPN

11. Socialize With Colleagues

12. "Show Up" to Meetings and Be Heard

13. Get Face Time

14. Take Sick Days

15. Look for Training Opportunities

16. Overcommunicate

17. Be Positive

18. Take Advantage of Your Perks

19. Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself

20. End Your Day With a Routine

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